E-mail Marketing Campaigns

So you have a product. You've got your website set up, the shopping carts in place, fulfillment and customer service is in place, you've got your merchant account, the e-mail advertisements have been designed, and now you need traffic. That's where we come in. We specialize in large scale campaigns using a combination of our own derived opt-in lists and e-mail lists we manage for independent companies.

If your offer passes our initial tests we will put it into a regular rotation and you'll get regular spikes in sales or leads with each subsequent campaign deployment. For those of you new to Internet Marketing we'd like to stress that we work on a performance basis only. This is called Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost per Lead (CPL) depending on the action you are striving for. You pay us only when that specific action occurs. Sounds pretty good, risk free advertising! It is and we can help you make the most of it! Contact us today to discuss your offer, product, or service.

No matter how much experience you have advertising on the internet via a CPA arrangement we can help. From creating a whole campaign around your product to deploying a fully developed campaign, we can help you every step of the way.

Consumer List Management

You already have a business online where you sell your product, service. Since you probably collected the e-mail address to your consumer and have a "transactional" relationship with that consumer than you have a right to cross market other products along with any other products you might sell to your list of customers.

Our Consumer List Management provides a way for companies to monetize their existing customer lists by promoting third party, cost for performance offers to it. No work is required on the part of the list owner so the additional revenues can be used for more customer acquisition, advertising, or just put to the bottom line.

When we manage your data, we literally do all of the work. You only need to upload your data and collect a monthly check. We manage all of the Advertiser relationships, money collection, legal compliance, campaign testing, and campaign selection. We keep a percentage of the proceeds and send the rest to you with a breakdown of the month's performance.

Specialized Affiliate Network

If you are highly satisfied with our in-house performance, but would like to obtain more, our specialized Affiliate Network may be an option. Being prominent in the Industry as long as we have has afforded us the luxury of developing relationships with some of the best E-mail Marketing companies out there.

Our network gives these list management companies a place they can quickly go and pull down offers to promote to their lists from a trusted colleague in the same space. Our network is comprised of only a select few of the Internets most prolific publishers who can trust in our intense testing procedures and successful denoting of money making campaigns.

What this means to you is a way to safely syndicate your offer to wider and wider audiences when the time is right without worrying that your offer might find itself being promoted by less than honorable publishers.

Do Not Email Policy

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