About Us

VastCast Media, Inc. is a specialized interactive marketing agency. We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. VastCast Media, Inc. began serving advertisers and merchants in the online industry in 2001. While we participate in an ever changing, technology driven industry, we have always relied on traditional business values to keep us strong and competitive. We cater to all of our clients with efficient, personal service and keep our objectives reasonable and attainable. We deal in a straightforward and transparent manner when it comes to expressing our expertise to our clients and make all of our daily business decisions considering the long-term effects of those decisions.

Mission Statement

VastCast Media, Inc. believes in empowering companies of all sizes by harnessing the power of e-mail campaigns and delivering cost-effective Opt-in e-mail delivery services. We believe in Internet Marketing and are committed to contributing positively to the growth of this powerful new media.

We respect the privacy of those who use the Internet as a consumer tool and entertainment device. We own, maintain, and manage only permission-based e-mail lists.

We understand the trust you place in us when we are tasked with marketing your clients offers. We let this understanding mold all of our business communication and processes. We promise a personal, straightforward process focused on achieving the highest return on your clients investment and the most value for their advertising dollar.

Core Values

VastCast Media, Inc. is a company built around a shared set of values. We feel that it is important to explore with our visitors the values that every employee at VastCast Media, Inc. is expected to embrace. Please take a moment to read these values, they are important to all of us and hopefully you'll get to experience first hand as we deliver on each:

1. Transparency: As an Internet based business we want to reassure clients that behind our service is a firm dedicated to conducting business at the highest levels of integrity. We always act in good faith so we have no reason to hide behind an e-mail address. Our company contact information is clearly posted on each of our web properties as well as our privacy statement. We are members of, and have been granted seals by, third party organizations designed to promote and enforce adherence to strict business ethics for e-commerce companies. By doing this we openly subject our company to scrutiny and regulation while offering clients alternative channels for dispute resolution.

2. Good Business: We want only to conduct good business. We want to contribute to the success of our clients by offering them efficient consulting and excellent value. We believe in good value and strive to deliver value to our clients while always seeking to promote the Internet as the incredible tool it is.

3. Humility: We understand our place. We are neither the largest nor the smallest interactive agency; we are exactly who we profess to be. We let this realization guide our organizational development by employing a flexible, client-centric business model.

4. Long-term thinking: We have a clear vision of where we are headed. Our daily business decisions are dictated by our common company objective. We are here to stay and will continue to improve in every aspect of our profession while always contributing positively to the industry as a whole.

5. Innovation: We will constantly seek to find new ways to utilize technology in order to deliver more value to our clients. We will not however; allow innovation to lead us in a direction that might lead to a compromise of our ethical standards of business. When engaging new possibilities and new business ventures just prudence and due diligence and will always be the rule of the day.


We bring together over 50 years of combined online marketing experience and expertise. Meet the core management and customer service team!